Since 1954....WOW!....That's a long time ago.  We're located in the Adams Business Park at the corner of Adams & Lincoln.  Ring A Ding A Ling 
2900 Adams Street    Suite A-28
Riverside, California  92504


Come Join Us as We are now Celebrating Our 62nd YEAR of Serving Riverside and surrounding areas.
Voted #1 BEST Dance Group by Riverside Press-Enterprise Readers' Choice

Now in Progress

For Pre-Schoolers, K-12th Graders
& Adults

We are now accepting new students for our Summer & Fall Sessions.  Please call 951-687-4141 and leave your name, phone number and age of student.  We will then inform you of your lesson commencement date and time and answer any questions you may have in mind such as tuition rates, studio policies, competition entries, lesson schedules, where to purchase dance accessories, etc.

In the meantime, we hope you are able to see our dazzling 62nd Anniversary Dance Revue held at the Martin Luther King High School Theater, 9301 Wood Road (South of Van Buren Blvd.) in Riverside.  Three different shows with the exception of certain numbers that are in each show.  Presentations are on Friday, June 24th at 7:00pm and 2 Shows on Saturday, June 25th at 2:00pm and 7:00pm.  Below is the show logo design created by Sherry Colgan Stone.


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New York            My Way             Fly Me To
New York                                     The Moon

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It's Jazz - Tap - Ballet = Lyrical and some other stuff too   

    That's right from 3 yr olds all to the way to the PROS   

Freddie Finn, Founder          Gerry Finn, Director        Chris Finn, Co-Director

Here are some group photos of


It's a mini slide show

Kids learn Tap Ballet & Tumbling here and then get to compete            We've got the BEST around

The dancin's HOT but the place is COOL

All Our Students Participate In Our

Just finished our 52nd Revue.  It was AWESOME

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